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We didn’t start Hidden Gems of Sarawak for no reason…

Our Story

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On this page, you’ll find out exactly why we started Hidden Gems of Sarawak. If you like what we’re doing and wanna be a part of our adventure, then feel free to reach out to us. Alternatively, you can also use the contact form here to reach us.


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So, here’s what we’ll be discovering…

  • How we’re helping local entrepreneurs
  • Why we’re helping them
  • Legends & Biographies
  • The 9th Gem
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Our Humble Beginnings

Our Story, here at Hidden Gems of Sarawak, began not too long ago on the 28th of August 2018. What started out as a tiny idea to build a mini online Sarawak Cultural Village soon turned into more than mini and online. We spoke to a few people and we asked for their feedback. We are really grateful that people are so receptive to this idea that we just can’t wait to get this idea out to the world.

And so, 28th August marks the beginning of our little adventure! Hidden Gems of Sarawak will be launching on the 9th of September 2018. So, make sure you stay tuned!

What Sparked The Idea?

“Born and raised as a Sarawakian, I was so happy to finally be home in 2016,” said Karen Chan, founder of Hidden Gems of Sarawak. “But for some reason, Sarawak just isn’t as ‘colorful’ as it used to be”. Something has to be done to regain its vibrancy, and someone has to do it!


There are several reasons why we decided to create the Hidden Gems of Sarawak.

But a few main ones laid the foundation to this platform:

  1. So many talents have been buried
  2. So many great ideas vanished into thin air
  3. So many amazing places undiscovered
  4. Some places with historical events turned into shopping malls (ok, so maybe it’s not exactly shopping malls, but we’re certain that a few places have been demolished because it’s less traveled)
  5. Local dialects have been forgotten


By now, you should have a brief idea about why we started Hidden Gems of Sarawak. And you’re probably thinking “shouldn’t that be the responsibility of the government?” Well, we seriously don’t want to get involved in any political matters, but what we can say is that they’re busy growing Agro-preneurs. And that leaves us with the question: what happens to the rest of us who don’t like farming? We don’t mean to be sarcastic, but surely, a state can’t possibly have only farmers, right?

Therefore, holding strong to our beliefs and the triggering factors, we’ve carefully curated this site to bring out the best in Sarawak and its people.


So What the Heck is Hidden Gems of Sarawak All About?

Hidden Gems of Sarawak is about the people of Sarawak! It’s about getting their talents showcased to the world and new entrepreneurial ideas executed fast. We noticed that more and more Sarawakians are no longer proud to be Sarawakians. So, by boasting about talented Sarawakians, we hope to help Sarawakians regain that pride and bring home those who’ve left us for “greener pasture”.

Hidden Gems of Sarawak is also about the home of the people of Sarawak. As we mentioned earlier, one of the reasons why we ventured on this journey, is because certain places in Sarawak have been demolished despite having historical events. Therefore, by introducing the places in Sarawak that are less traveled, we hope to be able to protect these places from vanishing forever.

So, now, let’s check out some of the things we’re doing at Hidden Gems of Sarawak to contribute to the community, shall we?

Web Design

Helping Local Entrepreneurs to Execute
Their Ideas FAST!
First up… One of our objectives for creating Hidden Gems of Sarawak. Apart from wanting to showcase our local talents and all the wonderful places and foodies in Sarawak, we made it our mission to help local entrepreneurs.

So many talents have been buried. So many great ideas have vanished into thin air. All because they didn’t start out right. We are here to make that necessary shift. One by one, hand in hand, we hope to see more local entrepreneurs execute their ideas and help each other along the way as a team.

So, if you’re a Sarawakian entrepreneur reading this and if you haven’t got yourself a website, then, visit our Web Design page to see how we can assist you in executing your ideas the right way. If you already have an existing website but still feel stuck, then, head on over to Reach Out and share with us what you’re struggling with. We’d be more than happy to help.

What’s In It For You?

Great question!

Well, we get to earn a little pocket money to keep this site alive. Fair enough, right?

But we feel that the best part about helping local entrepreneurs execute their ideas is that we get to be a part of their team and witness their success. It’s that sense of satisfaction, you know…

Right?… Because one of the things we feel that’s lacking is our legends and biographies… We don’t really know how and when it started but it seems that you’ll only get your story written when you make it big. So, by helping local entrepreneurs execute their ideas, we get to write their stories with them! I’m not saying that they’ll make it big for sure with our web designs… C’mon…

But we do believe in one thing… Everyone has a story to share. No matter how big or small you are in the corporate world, there are certain things you’ve encountered that others might not have. You’ll never know how your story could impact and help others.

Legends & Biographies

Sarawak Won’t Be the Sarawak Today if it Weren’t for Our Ancestors

You’ve probably heard me mentioning this before, the best way to know a place is to get to know the people that made up the place as a whole. So, we’ve included legends and biographies on this site as well.

Legends, I bet, are obvious why they’re included. It’s the reason why certain places are special. And it’s also how some places got its name…

Biographies? Seriously?… Ok, I know what you’re thinking. Boringggggg… Well, yeah. Some people might find biographies boring, there’s no right or wrong to it. But here at Hidden Gems of Sarawak, biographies, to us, simply mean the little-known stories of our ancestors. Therefore, if it isn’t obvious enough why we’ve included legends and biographies, well, it’s not for us to boast. But rather, it serves as a reminder for us as Sarawakians to respect, to be humble and to honor the culture and teachings that have been passed down to us by our ancestors.

Recent Doodles


The 9th Gem

The best way to learn a language is to wear it!
One of the many things that our ancestors have passed down to us is our dialects. But these dialects are soon gonna be forgotten…

You see, as the world evolves, so does our education system. Not that there’s anything wrong with it. It has to evolve with the world! But that has also made modern parents feel the need for their children to be able to converse in English, Mandarin and Malay… Especially English, considering that it’s the International language. And because of this, parents start their children young, they speak English with their children at home. Which is great! But that also results in children not knowing their own dialect anymore.

To us, forgetting your own dialect means forgetting your roots. I mean, it’s different if your parents are Americans, British, Canadians, Australians… Making English your mother tongue would only be natural.

How Do You Guys Plan to Correct The Language Issue?

To be honest, we can’t and we don’t have the rights to do so. We’re pretty sure that parents know what’s best for their own children.

However, we’re gonna try and do our best to keep the local dialects alive. And we’re gonna do it one word at a time… If the day comes where the local dialects are really forgotten, as long as there’s one word… Just one word that lingers on, then we’re gonna give ourselves a pat on the shoulder.


So, yeah! There you have it… A quick snapshot of what we do here at Hidden Gems of Sarawak.

I’m stoked that you came this far, man! You have no idea what this means to me.

Because you’re so cool, I’m gonna share with you something that we’ve been planning for a while now, but not sure if we should release it… *drum rolls*

Sarawak ghost stories!

If you’re up for this sort of entertainment, do reach out to us with a quick message saying “yes to SGS”. We would really appreciate your vote. It helps us to make a better decision.