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On this page, you’ll find an overview of what Hidden Gems of Sarawak has to offer you. If you wanna get to know us first and why we started Hidden Gems of Sarawak, then head over to Our Story. You can always come back to this page later.

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So, here’s what we’ll be discovering…

  • AWESOME spots in Sarawak that are less touristy
  • YUMMYLICIOUS food in Sarawak
  • How to get GORGEOUS travel portraits when you travel to Sarawak
  • FUN activities in Sarawak that you can’t get elsewhere
  • AMAZING talents in Sarawak
  • PERSONALISED tours to some of the hidden gems we’ve discovered
If you have any questions for me, feel free to drop me a line

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Awesome Spots

Get your bucket list ready, baby!
You may think that Sarawak is just a small place… But is it, really? Here at Hidden Gems of Sarawak, we’ll show you some of the places you never knew existed. Ok ok… We’ll be showing some of the places you know as well, but hey, let’s not forget about others who’ve never been to Sarawak, yeah?

There Are No Nice Places To Visit In Sarawak!

This is something that we, as Sarawakians, hear quite often from travelers. But we beg to differ! There are a few reasons that we could think of that made them give such comments.

Discover these hidden gems with us and you’ll very soon agree with us that those travelers are so so so so wrong! And when you do, please please please please pleaseeee shove a bowl of Sarawak Laksa into their face and tell them that they don’t know what they’re talking about. Deal?

OMG! You are soooooooo cool! And because you are so cool, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret.

Are you ready? Ok…

You see, some of these places are so secluded and unexploited that they’re not even listed on Lonely Planet or Rough Guides. Heck! We bet that some of the locals here don’t even know these places existed! And I have to admit… I didn’t know some of these places, too, until Hidden Gems of Sarawak started this project to uncover these hidden gems. *shy*

Thankfully, we can put all of that behind us now. Phew!

Because… Hidden Gems of Sarawak offers you personalized tours to these hidden gems! Mm-hmm… No more going to places that you’re not interested in when you book tour packages. And the best part… *drum rolls* you will be protected from unethical tour guides who bring you to weird places and persistently convince you to buy expensive stuff that you don’t like. God knows if they’ll bring you to the dark market and have someone remove your liver or kidney! Ok, maybe

I shouldn’t have watched Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, huh? Didn’t mean to scare you there… But you can be sure that nothing like that is gonna happen to you when you go ala-carte with us. I promise.

Here, check out some of the photos that our photographer took!

Recent Shots


Explore With Us

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Hell, Yeah!


Pretty awesome shots from our photographer there, isn’t it?

Believe it or not, those photos that you just saw were actually taken at some of the hidden gems that we will later reveal to you, one at a time 😉 So, if you wanna be the first among your friends to find out about the hidden gems in Sarawak, be sure to subscribe and explore with us! Now…

Professional Travel Portraits

Ever Wonder How Some People Get So Famous With Their travel Photos on Instagram?

Well, we certainly did. And the answer is a no-brainer… Amazing photos! There are generally three ways that you can also get your hands on that traction.

  1. Learn and master professional selfies (which could take years)
  2. Hire a professional
  3. Ask your partner to learn and master photography (which could take forever)

Either path that you choose, it’s fine… BUT… If you’re in an unfamiliar environment, it always helps to have someone who’s been there, done that, with you to help you shortcut your learning process and your success.

Ooo!… I hope you’re excited for what’s coming up next!



Local Yummies

Get your stomach ready, baby!
Sarawak Laksa, Kolo Mee, Kueh Chap, Tempoyak, Umai, Lamb Burger… Oops… Did I say Lamb Burger? Ok, so maybe that’s not so much of a Sarawak local delicacy, but you get the picture.

But seriously! I know where you can get the best Lamb Burger in Kuching 😉

So Much To Eat And Only So Much Space In Your Stomach!

Urgh! I know right! And it’s always nice when you’re dining with a bunch of friends. That way, you can order a few different dishes and you get to taste each one of them!

But if you’re on a solo trip to Sarawak, it always helps to know your options beforehand so you don’t waste time searching for what and where to eat, right?

Cool cool cool!… So, we’ve gone through briefly what to see when you’re in Sarawak, how you can personalize your tours to hidden gems in Sarawak and the local yummies. Up next, I’m gonna introduce to you some of our local talents!

Are you excited? I hope you are!

Because you see, here at Hidden Gems of Sarawak, we believe that one of the best ways for you to get to know a place is to get to know its people. Sure, I can say that Sarawakians are the friendliest and most hospitable people on earth. But we are more than that.

Some of the common questions that we get quite often when we introduce ourselves as Sarawakians are:

  • Do you live in a treehouse?
  • You don’t really live in treehouses… do you?
  • Do you have internet over there?

And that is one of the reasons why we feel so compelled to carry out this project. Sarawak just doesn’t have enough exposure!

So, yeah… We do have a lot of talents in Sarawak. By establishing Hidden Gems of Sarawak, we wanna be able to give these talents a voice. We hope that you’ll enjoy their stories as much as we do publishing them. Their stories have impacted and inspired a lot of us in many ways, so we hope they’ll inspire you, too!

Oh, and by the way, those who asked if we live in treehouses… I wonder which era they’re from. I mean, don’t they know that treehouse is a hugeeeeee trend right now? Anyway…

Check out the series of photos below from one of the interviews that we’ve conducted.

Recent Interview


Local Activities

Get your muscles ready, baby!
Guess what? It’s time to burn off those fats that you’ve gained from all our local yummies! Some of them can be pretty addictive, isn’t it? I know! haha…

Well, you got to know some of our local talents. Did you know that some of them actually have workshops that you can easily join? A-ha…

Workshops During Your Travel? Like Seriously?

Why not? Learn how to play the Sape… Maybe make your own blowpipe? Beaded earrings? Just check and see what’s available to you during your travel here.

We try to organize these workshops as much as possible. It’s one of the ways that we can sustain the culture. But of course, local activities don’t just involve workshops. There are other activities, too!

Oh wow! I’m really glad that you came this far! 😘 It means a lot to me. Thank you for being so AWESOME!

If there’s anything else that I can do for you or if you have any stories that you’d like to share with me, feel free to reach out, aite?

Also, if you head over to Our Story, you’ll find out some of the other things that we do and care about as well.